Here are some amazing facts about cells that this video we stumbled upon taught us! There are approximately 100 trillion cells in the human body however every minute over 200 million cells in our body dies and they are replaced by new cells. The longest cell is the motor neuron cell. The biggest and smallest cells are the egg and the sperm respectively. Poor lifestyle choices and industrial toxins cause our DNA replication cycle to become damaged hence making us more susceptible to diseases. The good news is laughter allows cells to heal themselves and sexual activities increases our Immunoglobulin A- Anti-body which fights off colds and infections. 🙂


About us…

Biochemases is a group of 5 individuals in which therein lies a strong male presence. That is if he can overpower us, but let’s face it, we have this dominance built in our genes.  Let me introduce myself as one of your authors of the day, Cherome. Some call me freckles as my name is that much difficult to pronounce. Thanks mumJ! Don’t get a headache just yet because we are going to confuse you later on with the technical terms we’ll be throwing at you. In this group of highly intelligent science majors are Sherelle, the life of the party seeing as she is so active in swimming, dancing and way too much singing! Kimberly, the “on top of everything” type of girl who can be a bit quirky at times, caring for others as always, Leanne, the ever so crazy but strong hearted person, the chicken in this stew, and yes we left the dude for last just because we can, Kealan, the high levels of testosterone that evens out the oestrogen and helps keep us on track.

We are all students in the Biol 1362 course on campus and as you have guessed its Biochemistry… DUHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This course so far seems like we all have to display a lot of dedication and commitment to our studies, but not to fear, everything learnt will be simplified and explained as our blog progresses. So far it has been pleasurable! As newbies’, we have our very first opportunity to create a digital world where we get to talk to you and interact with cyberspace as a group. We all look forward to our teacher (he’s so cool) imparting his knowledge and wisdom upon us as we begin our journey in understanding all aspects of biochemistry. Come join us! 

Getting Started


WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a service to you, we at the U.W.I have found a desire in creating this blog to keep your toes in the water about the know hows of the biochemistry world. We would be posting on a weekly basis on a range of topics in this field from the very sub unit of cells YAY!!! to the more ‘chem tech’ if I can create that word of the the matter enzymes….. This as what we say is awesometastic…  🙂 Keep posted as we take you along this journey into our little world of Biochemistry