wHaT aRe LipIds

Lipids are naturally occurring organic compounds ranging from the simple fats and oils to more complex forms like hormones to parts of the cellular membrane. Lipids are made up of a glycerol backbone with three fatty acid chains attached to itself. Another feature is their solubility in non-polar organic solvents example ether, acetone etc. and their general insolubility in water.


3 thoughts on “wHaT aRe LipIds

  1. chimmeral says:

    what exactly is the reason for this solubility and insolubility?

    • biochemases says:

      hey chimmeral! nice question. well I think I have an answer for you. I hope this helps.
      Lipids have non-polar segments from the hydrocarbon bonds. This non-polar region makes them insoluble in polar mediums such as water and soluble in non-polar mediums such as Toluene. so think of it as this, non polar regions are hydrophobic and the polar regions hydrophilic. 🙂

      • chimmeral says:

        okay cool so then would it be correct for me to think that the molecule..changes shape depending on the medium its in, that is, to facilitate it’s hydrophobic or hydrophillic regions being on the outside or insider?

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