The Truth About NUTRIGOLD’s Forskolin Gold!

my colleague did this and i thought it was worth sharing for you guys.. 🙂


( 2014)
( n.d)

Forskolin Gold™ is a herbal weight loss supplement produced by NUTRIGOLD. The product’s active ingredient is Coleus Forskohlii extract. According to NUTRIGOLD the active ingredient of Coleus Forskohlii, which is Forskolin, is what is responsible for the benefits provided by their product.

( 2013) Coleus Forskohlii, native to Southern Asia ( 2013)

According to NUTRIGOLD the flowchart below represents the way in which Forskolin Gold™ works.  (click image to enlarge)


As a Biochemist it is my duty to reveal the truth about Forskolin Gold™ to reveal the truth I must first discover the truth; to discover the truth I must look into the science, if there is any..because we all know that science is the truth (until disproved)

Before we jump right into this we need to know a few things about how the body stores and burns fat.

  1. Fat is stored in adipocytes
  2. Fat is stored…

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