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Metabolomics can be summed up as a new emerging science of ‘omics’ research that uses analytical procedures to critically identify, characterize and quantify small molecules (cellular metabolites) under specific conditions.Spectroscopy and chromatography are the types of analyses employed in the field of metabolomics.

As a result of this emerging field, scientists now have the ability to measure physiological effects and monitor them for adverse reactions to drugs. Metabolomics have lead to our enhanced understanding of disease mechanisms. When coupled with biomarkers, prognosis and diagnosis of diseases become possible.



These are biological features of naturally occurring molecules/ genes/characteristics that are evaluated as indicators of normal biological and pathological processes.Therefore any anomalies with respect to these biomarkers and the abnormal structure and/or functioning are identifiable.

One limitation in this field, however, is the limited number of biomarkers known to scientists. On the contrary, as the years progress, it is predicted that there will be a growing number of biomarkers discovery.


Figure 1: Histogram of expected biomarkers discoveries to be made.

The quickly growing aspect of biomarkers discovery proves a bright future for the metabolomics society. The more discovered biological markers, the more patterns would become available for the comparison of them to metabolites in the body and ultimately the more scientists will have the ability to determine any abnormal structures which would resemble the strucures of particular diseases. That way, diagnosis can occur faster which will result in speedier treatment for patients and perhaps save that patient’s life.


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